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Air Wear Anti haze face Mask

Overview | Specs
MRP 1,999

Mi customized by the ecological chain Xiaomi official brand "Mi" join hands together to create products industry outstanding enterprise cooperation model, it is the perfect embodiment of the design concept and the pursuit of quality and sophisticated manufacturing level meter home of third-party companies. Mi customized products sold exclusively millet official channels.

Hello, fresh air

A call relationship between the quality of life of a smoke, haze below, antifogging haze masks only bring F95 * efficient protection has
effective barrier particles in the air more than 0.3 PM, PM 2.5 filtration efficiency of 98% or more, and it is more like a functional
clothes, leather texture of the cover with full-fit inner core, wear comfortable, safe and happy to bring both experience.

* "PM2.5 protective masks" T / CTCA 1-2015-F95 standard by the China Textile Commerce Association.

Air Wear Anti haze face Mask won the German iF Design Award

iF design award is one of the world's three major design awards, the "design Oscar," said. In the just concluded German iF Design Award 2017 International Design Competition Award, Air Wear Anti haze face Mask in the world thousands of participating products stand out, the German iF Design Award-winning!

Double structure, from outside to inside of the fresh air born

Microfiber protective outer cover, inner purification filter 5

Our masks have become essential travel fog and haze, and it is not only protection, more like a worn out clothes, the mask on the basis of stereotyped, we try to give a new image of the mask with the new material. antifogging haze masks using double defense structure, robust housing using light importing microfiber material, bonded gentle contours of the face; 360 ° adaptive filter using the inner ring, on both sides of the nose, chin dead key bis protective layer, effectively blocking contaminants from entering the small particles.

Flexible shroud
so that the mask could be like clothes

Air Wear Anti haze face Mask strict selection of skin-friendly microfiber materials from Korea, soft and light, while its leather texture, saturated colors, easy deformation characteristics, so masks become more like a functional clothes. Housing covered with radial airflow hole, so that every breath you feel more comfortable.

  • Soft skin-friendly
  • Antibacterial dirt
  • Water splash
  • Radial airflow hole

Dimensional structure of the air bubbles
big mouth breathing carefree

Air bubbles design perspective, given the mouth, nose portion enough breathing space. Facilitate air flow, reducing the water vapor generation while avoiding close contact mask is generated stuffiness, allergy problems. Even if the makeup is not easy to touch the filter, let you breathe freely fun.

Thin, breathable layers of purifying
each a fresh breath

First, face masks have a good filter, antifogging haze filter mask layer 5 comprising a high efficiency filter layer, electrostatic capture and physical barrier in two ways different filter particles. Satisfy T / CTCA 1-2015-F95 standard (corresponding to the level of filtering GB2626-2006 KN95).

  • * Food grade
    safety rating
  • Protection PM0.3
    above particle
  • Good ventilation

* Filter gasket materials comply with the FDA requirements for food contact grade

Seamless can be hit, the most important protective seal is
two kinds of ways to wear bonded face

Seals do well, even the best masks can not stop contaminants from entering the gap human respiratory system. antifogging haze masks 360 ° adaptive filter using the inner ring formed perspective fully enclosed air bubbles. On both sides of the bridge of the nose, chin and other dead emphasis double protection, so that masks more fit facial contours.

Normal wear
everyday use

Two-blade cartridge ring on the same side, in the face of natural fit.

Encryption wearing
glasses effective anti-fog

The open side of the blade cartridge of the sealing ring, on both sides attached to the nose, also be based on face, leaves open only the left or right.

  • Severe
  • Special face
  • Reduce wear glasses fog

More fit Chinese people's face

Wen Runping wide, delicate, this is the Chinese people's face. collected more than 2000 Chinese people's header data, after repeated ergonomic research and testing, specifically for the Chinese people's breathing customization, from every angle, every curve, are precisely match the Chinese people's face.

Excellent protection, the same color appearance

Air Wear Anti haze face Mask added a new gray, red, black housing color, rich colors make you travel more type.

Air Wear Anti haze face Mask have obtained the certification authority

We all need to breathe every minute of every second, then nothing is more important than its thing. Your every breath, it means hundreds of millions of small points of
carrying the child with good or bad substances into the respiratory system, you inhale the air quality is good or bad, directly affect the quality of life.

  • Housing through the European Oeko-Tex100
    Level 1 standard. Infant contact materials meet
    safety requirements
  • PM 2.5 by industry as a whole masks Kou
    cover standard
  • Overall masks by the German authorities
    Institute Hohenstein skin-friendly experiment
  • All pieces of plastic products have passed ROHS

Antifogging haze filter 5 pieces

Regular replacement, PM2.5 purification efficiency up to 98% *

* recommended every piece cartridge cumulative service life of 8 hours

Overall performance standards and grade of filtration masks get China Textile Commerce Association released "PM 2.5 protective masks" T / CTCA 1-2015-F95 recognized
certificate; product by the German authorities skin compatibility testing, comply with ISO10993-5 standard; masks in practice after the man's face worn by
"PM2.5 protective masks" leak test can be adapted to most Chinese face.
* 0 0 formaldehyde glue, the use of ultrasound technology mask seal adhesive, glue-free, through the entire mask "PM2.5 protective masks"
T / F95-formaldehyde detector of CTCA 1-2015
* Protection over 98% PM 2.5, the seizure detection , report number: (2017) the Commission sent word protection class No. 0055. 25 deg.] C at 30% relative humidity
conditions, the usage count in a particle diameter of 0.075um, a particle size distribution of the particles is less than the geometric deviation of 1.86 NaCl at a flow rate 85L / min were measured
again, the recording efficiency of the filter element of the filter
* 8 hours cartridge recommendations use according mask filter efficiency test conditions, it has been loaded into the accumulated particulate matter on the filter element to reach 200mg, continuous
recording filtration efficiency and load resistance. When the load resistance is higher than the national requirements 175Pa, not recommended
* recommended cover no more than 6 months, 1 96 hours at minus 40 ℃ after environmental aging test;. 2 is placed at 70 deg.] C 96 hours;
3 at 60 ℃, 95% humidity for 96 hours; 4. 80 ℃ / 0.5h, the order of the low temperature -40 ℃ / 0.5h 25 cycles;
more data if not specified, are from laboratory use for objective different environments, data will be biased, for reference only.

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