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Mi TV 4A 55 inch

Overview | Specs Buy Now

Mi TV 4A 55 inch

4K Ultra HD Resolution

  • MRP 159,999
    Standard Edition
    2GB + 8GB, infrared remote control

* Video ad when the television advertising, including in the form of switch switch machines can not delete, change, and third-party advertising video content can not be controlled

TV is good, really listen

In this digitalized world, good TV picture quality is not only a good performance, but also enough to understand you.With clever
the elderly no longer worry about looking for pieces, children will not leave you alone to find his cartoons,
want to see what it says, children and senior citizens can easily find you want to see

  • 4K ultra-clear screen
  • 2GB + 8 / 32GB large storage
  • PatchWall
  • Dolby sound
  • Mass sources

The new video experience

More details, less noise
as well as Dolby sound and picture quality black & 2

  • 4K Ultra-high resolution
  • The sixth-generation image enhancement engine
  • Eye Protection Mode

Black & audio-visual, what is the difference

4K Ultra HD resolution
to see the video to see the photo and see everything more clearly

3840x2160 resolution, nearly 8.3 million pixels, so picture quality is more delicate, the picture is more clear and bright, stunning visual effect is more shocking.

  • 2k
  • 4K

Gemini-quality black &
dark darker, brighter and brighter

Supported synchronization HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma, provides more dynamic range and image detail,
so that the dark portion darker, brighter light portion, so that the screen life.

  • Optimization ago
  • After optimization

6th generation image enhancement engine, there are four more than the previous generation upgrade

  • Optimization sawtooth
  • To enhance the contrast of light and shade
  • Reduce ringing
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Direction filter to increase, improve enlarged image generated sawtooth
  • DNLP the improved algorithm, higher dark contrast, the picture is more transparent
  • Increasing the D-ring module reduces ringing effect
  • The noise does not overlap the automatic filtered off, the picture is more delicate pure

Effective anti-blue
Mom do not worry about my eyes

Worried about the child's vision? Eye screen mode can be adjusted, so that more appropriate brightness,
reduce irritation blue, effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

Runway-type two-channel full-range speaker
DOLBY, DTS audio decoding double

2.0 pairs of racetrack-channel full-range speakers with Dolby Audio, DTS-HD audio dual decoding,
make the sound more clear and bright, a better video experience effect.

  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Bass Boost
  • For White enhancement
  • Automatically adjust the volume

Content continues to grow

Adults, children and senior citizens
the whole family can find favorite content

  • 30,000 + movie
  • 7200 TV series
  • 9000 Variety
  • 9500+ Children's animation
  • 6800+ documentary

To see what you like

Blockbusters, variety, drama, all in Mi TV

  • Cinema blockbuster
    2016 movie theaters box office over one billion TOP10

  • Top Variety
    2016 Variety whole network ratings TOP10

  • Hit TV series
    2016 entire network playback volume break ten billion TOP10

More theaters large, will be landing in Mi TV

More and more large, will continue in the Mi TV presentation, did not have to go to the cinema, you can enjoy the movies.

64 large storage processor +

Pretend to love your applications
to better meet your pursuit of speed

  • 4-core high-performance CPU
  • 5-core high-performance GPU
  • 2GB DDR4 high-speed memory
  • 8GB / 32GB large flash

Fast speed beyond capacity, there is no bright spots

It is a large-capacity TV
also has the speed of game consoles

Large storage space, high-performance CPU and GPU both hold more
of your favorite applications, you can also make your game more speed.

  • Standard Edition

  • 4-core high-performance the CPU
    Cortex A53 architecture
  • High performance core 5 the GPU
  • 28nm HPC +
    high performance and low power process

Richer interfaces
to create more entertainment might

Standard 3 HDMI 2.0b ports, two USB 2.0 ports, as well as AV, Ethernet and other necessary interfaces
can easily be computers, speakers, game consoles and other devices connected to the TV and create more entertainment possible.

  • HDMI2.0b X3
  • USB2.0 x2
  • Cable interface
  • Bluetooth 4.2

Cool design

Black beautiful black technology

How does it behave in the living room?

Install Service

In order to facilitate you to choose the display mode according to the TV space, we launched the intimate installation services, television can help you to methodically
placed in the TV cabinet, when you need to save space, can also help you hang the TV directly to the wall.

了解安装服务和价格 >

Recommended TV viewing distance

The distance is recommended viewing distance, the actual viewing, the larger the size, the better the effect of television.

Data Description: * video advertising during the TV commercials, switch with switch machines and other forms can not delete, change, and third-party advertising video content can not be controlled; standard version is equipped with infrared remote control, mobile phone needs to download to experience voice "vote App screen artifact "; face recognition star: visual recognition only temporarily support the film" passing from your world "section in the role;, currently supports 341 1200 set-top box models 819 city carriers; support for HDR: refers to the processor supports HDR10; 30000+ movies, TV series 7200 + 9000 + Arts, 9500 + children's animation, documentary 6800 +: the statistical data as of 17 March 2017 the total amount of statistics day Mi TV content; "2016 annual box office breaking 1 billion blockbuster cinema TOP10 tracts covering 80%": refers to the 2016 box office rankings TOP10 database network movie, Mi TV has 8; 2016 annual domestic variety TOPlO ratings, Mi television coverage of 90%: means the city day CCTV Sofres csm52 data segment, prior arts 2016 ratings Top 10 Program, Mi TV has nine; 2016 annual amount of play to break ten billion TV TOP10 100% coverage: 2016 refers to the amount of drama seeking to play rankings TOP10 Arts Network TV series, Mi TV all have.

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