Mi Bedside Lamp
  • Mi Bedside Lamp
  • Mi Bedside Lamp

Mi Bedside Lamp

100 * 100 * 221mm
MRP 6,499

Mi's unique patented light mixing technology for bedside lamps* expresses all kinds of colors in a beautiful light, giving you the different colors you want, gently touching the colors of your bedroom, and adjusting the brightness. The colors of dreams can also be the same real. Mi's bedside lamp uses Wi-Fi+Bluetooth dual-mode chip to quickly access Mijia APP to achieve wireless control and smart home linkage, and more gameplay upgrades. 
"Little love students, open the bedside lamp", using millet AI sound and light dialogue, with the Mi home temperature and humidity sensor, according to the room temperature level adjustment of light cooling.  Touch operation is simple and convenient.

Body Dimensions
100 * 100 * 221mm
about 684g
Color temperature range: 1700K-6500K
Color: about 16 million colors
The maximum brightness: 300lm
Rated power: 10W (14 x 0.7W/LED module)
Rated input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
Bedside light input: 12V 1A
Communication method: Wi-Fi IEEE 8